2018 LTR Partners -Premier Meeting Planning Company

Our commitment – to deliver beyond expectations.

At LTR Partners, we pride ourselves as being a premier full-service meeting management company. Our
mission is to deliver the best customized meeting services for our clients utilizing our experiences, rela-
tionships and proven results. As a leader in meeting planning services for multiple industries, we are dedi-
cated to making your meeting a complete success.

Our unique meeting planning expertise comes from a background that blends client-side expectation with
extensive meeting execution experience. Through our consultative approach, we will assist you in
defining your meeting objectives and incorporate strategic planning methodologies for optimal results. At
LTR, we believe that providing ultimate service is the key that unlocks the door to long-term relationships
with our clients.

From sales meetings (POA, area/regional, product launch) to
incentive award travel, we have delivered proven results
by providing:

Flexible customized approach to meeting planning,
that allows you to choose the services that you need
Clear definition of clients’ goals and objectives as
our number one priority
Total understanding on the entire scope of
the program
Cost-effective solutions to manage budget
challenges and changes on a daily basis
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